Lighthouse has an established record of success. We operate a $4 million real estate portfolio and team of real estate and construction professionals by excelling in three principles of real estate.  Acquisition, Improvement & Management.  Our mission: Match the community’s need for quality affordable housing.  Achieve growth while maximizing return on investment


Purchased at a discount, below market value

where low income housing is in high demand

Distressed Foreclosuresquality
Provide safe, quality housing

Maximizes Rental Potential

Minimizes maintenance cost

Minimize subcontracting, Lower costs

Working with tenants

Maintaining quality investment

Improving community

Keep tenants in  place



Let Lighthouse Real estate Services be your source for real estate deals that can be purchased for pennies on the dollar: Lighthouse Real Estate has access to the following distressed property listings:

• Bank Foreclosures
• Pre-foreclosures (short sales)
• FHA & VA Foreclosures
• Estate Sales
• Tax Sales
• Handyman specials

Why Real Estate? Why Coastal Carolina?

  • Spectacular coastal scenery!
  • UP & Coming waterfront Real Estate Markets.
  • Coastal Carolina properties are less expensive than those along the Florida, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware coast…and are a fraction of California’s waterfront prices.
  • Accessibility to East Coast cities, History, culture, and lifestyle
  • World renowned vacation and retirement destinations
  • Coastal Carolina properties are reasonably priced compared to other coastal markets.

Baby boomers

  • 80 million people inheriting the largest wealth transfer in history & Control 20 trillion in real estate equity
  • Nearly 60% of Baby Boomers indicate they plan to buy a new home for their retirement 20% of Boomers plan on purchasing in the next two years
  • Majority of those plan on purchasing in the coastal market on or near the water.

Contact us to learn the different ways to build wealth through your real estate investing:

Wholesale Purchases: Learn how to buy properties well below market value thru pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, tax sales, probate, etc.

Capital Improvement: Find out what renovations add the most value to your property.

Equity Growth via Amortization: Discover one of the most powerful means of wealth growth — using OPM (other people’s money) to build your net worth.

Positive Cash Flow: Learn how to leverage your property so the rent you receive covers the mortgage, taxes, insurance, etc. And still have money left over.

Lowering Taxes: Uncover the many tax deductions, tax credits and other government-sponsored programs connected with real estate investing such as the 1031 like-kind Exchange.

Smart Asset Management: Learn how to treat real estate as a commodity and how to manage and protect it’s future wealth growing potential.

Rent Appreciation: Understand cost of living increases and how to maximize your rent cash flow. Rental housing in the US has increased an average of 3% per year.

Our Projects

Introducing the Heavy Hitter. This 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath home was purchased for $13,250 in March of 2010. The property underwent $1,800 in renovations and updates and is currently rented at $650/month.

Before & After Before & After Before & After
Before & After Before & After Before & After
Before & After
Purchase Price $13,250
Down payment ($2,650)
Loan Amount $10,060
Estimated Value $50,000
Cash Into Property
Down payment $2,650
Closing Costs $1,000
Repairs / Renovations $1,800
Total Cash Spent $5,450
Equity in Property $31,840
Cash Flow $7,800
Total $39,640
Yearly Rental income $7,800
Insurance -$1000
Taxes -$1200
HOA Fee -$600
Management Fee (10%) 0
Loan payment (7%, 30 yr. Fixed) -$816
Annual Revenue $5,384
Annual Cash on Cash Return 98.78%