Lighthouse Real Estate Services, LLC Management and Leasing is built on principled values, and a mission to expand community through a people first approach in the management of our properties. Over the years, we have gained the experience necessary to maximize efficiencies and profits, while creating an even greater reputation for superior property management.

Excellent property management requires a deep understanding of the various types of rental markets. From blue collar to white collar, section 8, and low-income families, Lighthouse Real Estate Services, LLC has experience with them all. With this experience comes the confidence that we will continue to maximize rental income, increase property values and equity.

Our Projects

Introducing the Cash Cow, this 4,000 square foot complex consist of 4 - 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 Bath apartments occupied with long term tenents and brings over $28,000 of annual rental income. Mooo!

Before & After
Purchase Price $202,000
Down payment ($40,400)
Loan Amount $161,600
Estimated Value $275,000
Cash Into Property
Down payment $40,400
Closing Costs $1,600
Repairs / Renovations $1,500
Total Cash Spent $43,500
Equity in Property $73,000
Cash Flow $11,772
Total $84,772
Yearly Rental income $26,400
Insurance -$1400
Taxes -$1500
HOA Fee $0
Management Fee (10%) 0
Loan payment (6%, 30 yr. Fixed) -$11,628
Annual Revenue $11,772
Annual Cash on Cash Return 29.14%